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How and when to treat your lawn against grubs? Contact us to get the answers and benefit from professional services. We work in Hawkesbury, Lachute, the North Shore and Mirabel.

A trusted lawn care company for grub removal in Hawkesbury, Lachute, the North Shore and Mirabel

Grubs are the larvae of certain beetles, such as Melolonthinae and other scarab beetles. These lawn pests are about 1.25 cm long and have a soft, white or yellowish, C-shaped body with small legs near the head.

Living in the soil, they feed on the roots of the lawn, causing a lot of damage to your lawn. To combat these pests, you can rely on our expertise. After assessing the scale of the problem, we will offer you the right treatment.

Treat your lawn against grubs to prevent damage.


Grub Treatment Hawkesbury
Traitement de pelouse Hawkesbury
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Traitement de pelouse Hawkesbury
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Traitement de pelouse Hawkesbury
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Effective grub control in Hawkesbury, Lachute, the North Shore and Mirabel

We offer environmentally friendly solutions to effectively control the invasion of grubs. We take care to protect honeybees and your health! White grubs are known to wreak havoc by preventing the lawn from absorbing water and nutrients available in the soil.

In addition, when the soil is compacted, it is difficult for water to accumulate and reach the roots of the lawn. To prevent grub damage and reduce infestations, you can also aerate your lawn

We fight grubs effectively. We do it in Hawkesbury, Lachute, the North Shore and Mirabel.


Grub Treatment Lachute

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